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5 Reasons You May Need Tree Removal Services

Author: Chuck Dorsey
Category: Shopping: Home and Garden

5 Reasons You May Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are beautiful, and we love them for a variety of reasons. They provide shade, are beautiful, attract wildlife and give you a sense of peace. There may be times that a tree has been there so long that it’s just a part of your yard, and you couldn’t imagine not having it there. However, there are times when you may require tree removal service in Springfield, IL.

Tree maintenance is a big part of taking care of your trees. You’ll want to prevent them from dropping heavy branches on your home, make sure that none of the branches are touching power lines, and remove branches that are dead or dying. However, sometimes trimming your trees won’t be enough, and you’ll have to consider removing the tree entirely. 

There are times when a tree is old or decaying that you may need to take it out. It can be challenging to determine when to have a tree removed. If you have concerns that you have a dead or dying tree, you should always call a professional to assess it. 

You may think cutting down trees sounds like a project you can do on your own. That’s not a good idea. First of all, you’ll have to climb the tree to cut down higher branches. When you cut them down, you have to make sure they fall in a safe area. Once the trees are removed, the branches and tree itself need to be removed from your property. Hiring a professional tree removal company to do the work is much more efficient, safer, and comprehensive. Take a look at why that's true right now!

Below Are 5 Reasons To Call A Tree Removal Professional

The most obvious reason for removing a dead tree is because it’s dead. It currently may not be causing harm that could change in a short amount of time. There are plenty of other reasons why removal is necessary as well. Discover more details about each one below.

  1. The tree is dead 

Trees that are dead attract pests. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-eating insects quickly multiply and may move onto other trees or even your house. Rats, squirrels, and other rodents like to create nests in dead trees and may come into your home in search of food. 

Dead trees aren’t strong and may fall over. Wind, snow, or ice may cause it to fall, and it may cause damage to your home, fence, or a neighbor's property. Worst case scenario, it may fall on someone or cause severe injuries. If any injuries or damage are caused when the dead tree falls, you will be liable. If a disease causes the death of a tree, it could spread to other trees. 

When mold and mildew form on trees, they quickly spread to other trees or plants in your yard and kill them. If this occurs, you’ll end up with a mess and an ugly yard. If your tree doesn’t have leaves and branches are falling off, it makes your yard look unkempt. It can also lower the value of your home. If you are thinking of selling your home, it will benefit you to have it removed. 

  1. The tree is damaged

If your tree is damaged and it’s unable to be prepared, it should be removed. There are a few ways to determine if it’s damaged beyond repair, such as if branches frequently break, fall off, or the leaves aren’t growing. Here are a few other signs to look for as well. 

  • Damaged or cracked trunk - if the crack penetrates the tree’s foundation, then it’s compromised enough that it needs to be removed. If you do not remove it, then it will become a hazard. 

  • Bark inclusions - these are dark areas at the top of a split. The dark area lets you know that the tree is weakened, and the branches are not strong. 

  • Broken or severed roots - The roots are what connect the tree to the ground. Without them being strong and healthy, it can’t get the food it needs to survive. If the primary roots are intact, you may be able to save them. You’ll need to call a professional to determine if the tree needs to be removed or not. 

  1. The tree is touching power lines

When a tree is too close to a powerline, if it falls or hits the lines, it may cause power outages or even cause sparks which may start a fire. You should know that a tree touching a powerline is very dangerous. A live tree can conduct electricity allowing it to travel to the branches. There’s a chance that if someone touches the tree, It may also harm them. 

  1. The tree or roots are too close to your home

People love the shade that a tree near their house provides; however, a tree that’s too close to your home can do more damage than good. Here is some of the damage a tree that’s too close may cause to your building. 

  • It attracts bugs and other insects that will come inside your home.

  • Roots damage the foundation - compromising the structure of your home. Even if they don’t go into the concrete, they cause the foundation to shift, which causes cracks in the foundation. 

  • Broken pipes and sewer lines - Tree roots need water to survive, and they will grow towards water sources to get the nutrients they need. This leads to roots breaking or blocking swear lines or plumbing. 

  • Roof, window, or siding damage - Branches rub and drop leaves on your roof, causing moisture, which may damage your roof. The branches could start growing through your windows, plus rip the siding on your house. During high winds, the branches or the tree may fall on your home. 

To be safe, you need to know how far the tree should be from your home. 

  1. Remove stumps

Not only are stumps an eye-sore, but they also take nutrients from other healthy trees, but this may also lead to healthy trees becoming unhealthy. If mold or other fungi grow on the stump, it may carry disease to other trees or plants in your yard. Termites, bottles, rats, and carpenter ants love tree stumps. Once they become affected, the insects will move to healthy trees. 

Why Tree Removal by Experts is the Only Way to Go!

There are times when removing a tree is essential, and when that’s the case, you want to hire a professional. Even if you believe you can do it yourself, you need to be aware of the many dangers, one being the tools used. Plus, you can do extensive damage to yourself or your property. Finally, you may not know the difference between healthy and unhealthy branches. Seek out the assistance of a qualified tree removal expert and eliminate all the potential issues with getting rid of unwanted trees on your property.