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ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Practice Software a comprehensive JAMB Exam past question and answer App

Author: Malife Prosper
Category: Arts & Humanities: Education

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Nigeria is a gateway to higher education. To excel in this crucial examination, students need the right tools. ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software is the secret weapon that empowers students to not only pass exams in one sitting but to excel, getting high scores above 300.


ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software is a meticulously designed application created to provide students with the essential resources, guidance, and practice they need to conquer the JAMB exam. In recent years, JAMB UTME has transitioned to computer-based testing (CBT). ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software takes this into account and provides students with a platform that simulates the actual exam conditions with same interface as the would be main exam and all the keyboard functionalities of the UTME (JAMB 9 Keys- A,B,C,D,E,N,P,S and R). This means students can practice under the same conditions they'll face in the exam hall, eliminating surprises and exam anxiety.

Zigmatech Consult Limited, a leading EduTech Firm in Nigeria from its years of experience in the sector, has come to understand that students who prepare for examinations using the real past questions of the exam tend to out-perform the ones who don’t. This experience is why we designed this one stop app to JAMB UTME success. ExamGuide JAMB Practice App contains a vast collection of over 30 years of real JAMB past questions and answers with detailed explanations. In addition to this we created a bank of syllabus based question with answers and comprehensive solution. This is to ensure that a user who painstakingly goes through all of the application’s content will not be faced with any questions in the main exam that they have not encountered during study. ExamGuide UTME is not just a compilation of previous exams questions; it's an invaluable insights into the JAMB examination. Students can delve into past JAMB question papers, gaining a deep understanding of UTME question patterns and exam trends.

Visit  to download ExamGuide JAMB UTME SOFTWARE

To succeed in the JAMB exam, students need to not only study with JAMB EXAM past questions but also master the subjects based on the syllabus. ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software offers a wealth of syllabus-based study materials in the class room section of the JAMB application. These materials are organized, easy to follow, and aligned with the official JAMB curriculum. They provide a structured learning path for students. The classroom section of the application also contains exercise questions that are totally different from the ones in the UTME practice section. This guarantees that the students have a broader scope of each subject matter.

Education often comes with questions and doubts, and that's where ExamGuide customized AI tutor steps in. Imagine having a personal tutor available at any hour of the day or night, ready to explain complex concepts, offer clarifications, and provide guidance. The AI tutor in ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software is designed as teach you more when on study materials but during the exercise, it can only guide you to the correct answer but will never just give you the answer. It is designed to be very interactive. 

ExamGuide UTME CBT PRACTICE APP contains numerous academic games that are geared towards making learning fun. When a student is bored and wants a useful pass time activity, they can turn to ExamGuide JAMB CBT App to provide just that. We have the Map game, Fame Game, Millionaire game and Math rush. These are programmed to render past questions and answers in an exciting way. There are no dull moments with ExamGuide Jamb cbt practice app


ExamGuide JAMB UTME Challenge is a competition organized for ExamGuide JAMB CBT SOFTWARE users. Here is an exciting opportunity to test your skills against your peers and win prizes valued at ONE MILLION naira. UTME Challenge consists of 12 rounds, with all participants taking the test on the same day and same time. At the conclusion of each round, the top 20 scorers will be recognized with airtime rewards.

ExamGuide JAMB UTME Challenge mimics’ the format of UTME with 60 Use of English Language questions and 40 questions from each of the 3 remaining subjects totaling 180 questions to be administered in 2 hours. The test will begin and end simultaneously for all participants. You have the flexibility to participate in any round.

At the end of each round, the top 20 performers will be rewarded with airtime within N2,000 to N1,00. The ultimate prize, a grand prize of N100,000 will be awarded to top 5 participants based on their aggregate score. The aggregate score is calculated by combining 80% of the participants JAMB score with 20% of their highest UTME challenge score.

To download and start enjoying all the features of ExamGuide JAMB UTME APP, Visit our website